Step 1:

The top right of the NOCE homepage where the myGateway logo livesGo to the NOCE homepage at

At the very top of the homepage, click on the MyGateway icon.
(Example to your right, the MyGateway icon is circled in red).

Or go to

Step 2:

Example of the MyGateway homepage login sectionLog onto MyGateway with your MyGateway ID (also known as your Banner/Student ID) and your password.

Don’t know your MyGateway ID?
Click on the “Forgot username?” button on the MyGateway site. The myGateway "Forgot Username" button example

Don’t know your password?
Click on the “Forgot password?” button on the MyGateway site. The myGateway "Forgot Password" button example

Still, need help or questions? E-mail StarHelp at or call StarHelp at 714.808.4679.

Step 3:

Visual of the top left of your MyGateway homepage, example of the Webstar menu option.Click on the WebStar link on the top right of your MyGateway homepage (example circled in red).

Step 4:

Webstar main menu exampleOn the WebStar Main Menu, click on the Student Records link.

Step 5:

Webstar student records menu menu optionsOnce on the Student Records menu, click on the Print Schedule/Bill link.

Step 6:

Print schedule term menu optionsOnce on the Print Schedule/Bill page, choose Schedule/Bill Term to process from the drop-down menu.

Click on the “Submit a Term.” Webstar submit a term button

NOTE: If you are not given an option to select a term, you may not be registered and will need to attempt adding once more.

Step 7:

Create & Print Schedule/Bill menu optionsOnce on the Create & Print Schedule/Bill page, click View Schedule/Bill. A new window will open.



Step 8:

On the new window, confirm the STATUS of the class under ST.


An example of the printable schedule

Status Key

RW or RERegistered
DO or DDDropped

Days Key

TH or RThursday