Concerning Behavior Report (CBR)

To report a student who may be in distress or whose behavior is of concern to others before the behavior escalates, complete this form to refer the student to the CARE Team. The CARE Team serves as the centralized body for discussion, appropriate intervention, and coordinated action regarding distressing, disturbing, or concerning student behavior.  

Student Conduct Incident Report Form

To report a student conduct issue in accordance with BP5500, please complete this form.

Student Conduct Incident Report Form

Title IX of the Education Amendment of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits sex discrimination based on sex in an educational institution’s programs or activities, including employment, academic, educational, extracurricular, and athletic activities (both on and off-campus).

The protections of Title IX extend to sexual assault and misconduct that impairs or interferes with access to equitable educational and employment opportunities. It applies to all members of the campus community, including students, District employees, individuals doing business with the campus, those using campus facilities, and those who engage in volunteer activities.

For additional resources to share with students, please visit the Student Support Services Division Office website.

Student Accident/Illness Report Form

For non-life-threatening incidents, report the incident to Campus Safety. For life-threatening incidents, call 911 and Campus Safety. Risk Management will accept a Campus Safety Incident Report completed by an officer in lieu of this form. For accidents, injuries, or illness that occur off campus or for delayed reports (e.g., the student informs you after the incident occurred), please complete this District form and submit it within 24 hours of being notified to the Risk Management Office.