Step 1:

The top right of the NOCE homepage where the myGateway logo lives

At the very top of the homepage, click on the MyGateway icon.

Or go to

Step 2:

Log onto MyGateway with your MyGateway ID (also known as your Banner/Student ID) and your password.

Screenshot of the mygateway login page

Don’t know your MyGateway ID?
Click on the “Forgot Username” link on the MyGateway site. 

Don’t know your password?
Click on the “Forgot password?” button on the MyGateway site. screenshot of the forgot password button

Still, need help or have questions? E-mail StarHelp at or call StarHelp at 714.808.4679.

Step 3:

The myGateway left side menu exampleClick on the NOCE link in the left hand side of your MyGateway homepage.

Step 4:

The NOCE myGateway page, the firt block on the pageClick on the appropriate orientation link.

  • Career Technical Education & High School Diploma, click NOCE General Orientation.
  • Pharmacy Technician, click NOCE CTE Pharmacy Technician.
  • English as a Second Language, click NOCE ESL Orientation.

Step 5:

The online orientation "congratulations" message when orientation is completed successfully.Read and complete the orientation until you receive a “CONGRATULATIONS!” message (example to your right).

NOTE: Please allow 24 hours for the orientation to process and then the system will allow you to register.