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DSS counselor in the ARISE Lab smiling at her students

DSS counselors provide specialized disability-related academic counseling, registration assistance, educational and vocational goal setting, and identification of accommodations. Counselors refer to other services and programs on campus, and to service agencies in the community. 

Find a Counselor & Set Up an Appointment

Photo of two DSS Counselors holding up a "We love NOCE!" sign.

Once you have your Banner ID, make an appointment with a Disability Support Services (DSS) Counselor call 714.484.7057 or e-mail

Please have the following items available for your counselor appointment:

  1. Disability verification (ex: copy of most recent IEP, Psycho-Educational Evaluation, or Triennial Evaluation signed by the school psychologist; verification from medical or licensed professional; Regional Center IPP/CDER;etc.)
    • If no verification is available, please indicate if you are interested in a learning disability assessment.
  2. The names, phone numbers, and e-mails of two emergency contacts.
  3. The name, phone number, and e-mail of your service coordinator IF you are a consumer of Regional Center.
  4. A list of current medications you are taking (dosages and purpose(s) for each medication).
  5. A Student ID or California ID (we request an ID to have your student photo taken in our system).

Meet the DSS Counseling Team!

A photo of DSS counselor Kristina De La Cerda
Kristina De La Cerda


A photo of DSS counselor Christina Lakeman
Christina Lakeman


A photo of DSS counselor Rosie Navarro
Rosie Navarro


A photo of DSS counselor Michelle Patrick-Norng
Michelle Patrick-Norng


A photo of DSS counselor Casey Sousa
Casey Sousa


A photo of DSS counselor Kim Thompson
Kim Thompson


Learning Disability Assessments

Learning disability assessments are available for students who are struggling in their classes. Experienced Learning Disabilities (LD) Specialists meet with students to learn the nature and possible causes of their academic difficulties. The LD Specialist then determines if a free assessment is warranted to assess for learning disabilities. Students confirmed to have learning disabilities can be eligible for DSS accommodations and support services. 

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