Step 1:

The top right of the NOCE homepage where the myGateway logo livesAt the very top of the homepage, click on the MyGateway icon.

Or go to

Step 2:

Log onto MyGateway with your MyGateway ID (also known as your Banner/Student ID) and your password.

Screenshot of the mygateway login page

Don’t know your MyGateway ID?
Click on the “Forgot Username” link on the MyGateway site. 

Don’t know your password?
Click on the “Forgot Password?” button on the MyGateway site. screenshot of the forgot password button

Still, need help or have questions? E-mail StarHelp at or call StarHelp at 714.808.4679.

Step 3:

Visual of the top left of your MyGateway homepage, example of the Webstar menu option.Click on the WebStar link on the top right of your MyGateway homepage (example circled in red).

Step 4:

Webstar main menu screenshotOn the WebStar Main Menu, click on the Student Records link.

Step 5:

Webstar's student records menu screenshotOnce on the Student Records menu, click on the View Unofficial Web Transcript link.

Step 6:

The select transcript menuOnce on the Display Transcript page, from the Transcript Level drop-down menu, choose School of Continuing Education.

Click on the “Submit” webstar submit button

Step 7:

Display transcripts final step to printOnce you Submit your selection, click on “Click here to print this page.”

To print your unofficial transcript.

Please Note:

Students will not see their High School Diploma records in Mygateway. In order to request your high school transcripts, please see below.

How to Request Official Transcripts:

Official Transcripts will be mailed to the address provided on the request form in a sealed envelope. Download the Transcript Request Form.

Please submit the form(s) to for processing.

*Please note: Each student receives two free copies; after that, each copy is $5.00.