Tools to Tell the World Your Story

 Make connections and build your storytelling skills with tuition-free communications classes at NOCE. These classes are designed for adults age 50+, but anyone over 18 years of age is welcome to attend.

students paying attention to their instructor in class.

Learn how to:

    • Write creatively
    • Share your personal history and culture
    • Start and join conversations about events and issues
    • Learn to write and publish your own work for extra income

Classes are free and available at a variety of community locations.

Communications Classes at NOCE

Creative Writing →

Whether you’re a seasoned wordsmith or a beginning writer, this course can help build your storytelling and editing skills. Learn the basics of writing poetry, fiction, and non-fiction  — even writing about yourself.

Journey Back into Time →

Explore and share your personal history, culture, and values with other students in group discussions. Get ready to discover shared experiences and memories. Have fun linking the past with the present!

Senior Topics →

In this class, we do storytelling activities about topics that matter to you. Share and compare your life experiences. Learn about international, national, and local events and issues. Expand your mind with current and historical viewpoints.

Ready to get started? Find a class near you!