In order to complete an NOCE application, each student must create an account with OpenCCC.

If you have applied to Fullerton College, Cypress College, or any other California Community College using OpenCCC, you may skip to step 3A, choose “sign-in,” and proceed to the NOCE application instructions. If you are a new applicant, please continue following the steps.

Step 1:

Example of NOCE menuOn the NOCE website, hover over Admission & Registration.

The drop-down menu will appear, hover over Getting Started, click on New Students: How to Apply

Step 2A:

Scroll down the page until you see the dark blue block that says “Apply for a Banner ID to Register for All NOCE Programs!”

NOCE Getting started webpage button to get to the NOCE application site.

Click on the yellow application button. yellow application button on the getting started webpage example

Step 2B:

example of the NOCE interest formSubmit your information on the page as directed.

Once finished, click on the Submit Interest Form! At the bottom right of the page.

Step 2C:

Example of the NOCE apply now buttonClick on the Apply Now button example of the Apply Now button to continue to the application.

Step 3A:

OpenCCC create an account exampleIf you are a new user, select Create an Account.

Step 3B:

Select Begin Creating My Account button. Begin Creating my Account button on openccc

Step 4:

Complete Create Account page 1 of 3.

Step 4A:

Example of the openccc create an account page.Enter your legal name.

Enter your date of birth.


  1. No middle name? – Check the box little check box
  2. Not sure if you ever applied with your previous name? – Add it anyway!

Step 4B:

social security exampleEnter your Social Security Number (SSN), if you have one.

Click on Continue, when you are done.


*See below if you will not enter an SSN.


the example on openccc if you are not entering a SSN

Not providing a Social Security Number?

  1. Check the box if the statement applies to you.
  2. Click Continue when you are done.

Step 5:

Complete Create Account page 2 of 3.

the second page example of creating an account on opencccEnter the following:

  • E-mail.
  • Telephone.
  • Permanent Address.



  1. No Permanent Address? Check the Box little check box

Step 5B:

openccc continue button Click on the Continue button when you are finished.

Step 6:

Complete Create Account page 3 of 3.

Step 6A:

example of page 3 of the openccc pageCreate a Username and Password.

Select a Security PIN

Select Security Questions & Answers



  1. Username: This username is for OpenCCC only. Your NOCE username/myGateway ID will be emailed to you.
  2. Password: This password is for OpenCCC only. You will be emailed instructions on how to set your myGateway password for NOCE.

Step 6B:

I am not a robot exampleClick on “I am not a robot.

Once you get the green checkmark, click on Create My Account.

Step 7:

You’ve completed part 1 of the application! Please click the following link to follow instructions on how to complete part 2. How to Apply to NOCE – Application Part 2

Please click on the Continue button openccc continue button to proceed to part 2!

Account created example on OpenCCC