What is Starfish?

Starfish is a tool that is being used across the district to help students connect to resources and support to be successful.  

Starfish for Students

Throughout the semester, you may receive a notification from your instructor using the Starfish platform. 

  • Kudos

    A kudo is sent when your instructor wants to send positive feedback or encouragement. When you receive a kudo, keep up the great work and finish the class strong.  

  • Referral

    When faculty members want to connect you with additional resources at NOCE, like academic counseling, they may raise a referral in Starfish Early Alert.   

Most importantly, Starfish gives you access to your very own Success Network. Your Support Network includes contact information for a member of the NOCE Community from many different areas who are ready to help you succeed. For example, connecting with your instructor, tutors, Counselors, and other team members is quick and easy. 

Messages may come through as an: 

  • Email from your instructor with a subject that includes [Starfish] NOCE has support for you or [Starfish] Keep up the good work  
  • Text message:
    • On September 26, 2023, all registered students will receive a Welcome text message from Starfish. Additional texts may include reminders about upcoming deadlines (such as the start of an upcoming semester) or information about resources to support your academic success. 

Starfish for Faculty

Starfish is designed to help you communicate academic progress concerns with students in your classes, identify resources that might be helpful to their success, and provide them with positive feedback on improved progress.

Benefits of Starfish

  • Increases communication between faculty and students 
  • Provides personalized feedback to students about their academic progress the moment a tracking item is raised 
  • Catches students early in the semester to provide them opportunities to improve 
  • Gives the ability to provide positive recognition to students 

Starfish Powerpoint

Shared at the February 2023 Academic Senate meeting.