NOCE is committed to providing a safe campus environment for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors. This also includes maximizing safety in our parking lots. For more information, tips, and maps, see below.

2023 Spring Semester Notice

Anaheim Campus

Student parking permits will not be required or issued for the 2023 Spring semester. All marked stalls (zone parking, handicap, staff parking, temporary parking, etc.) should still be adhered to.

Cypress Center

The Department of Campus Safety is proud to announce a new and improved parking registration system that will make it an easier and more streamlined process to obtain a parking permit. Parking is free; you must register your vehicle, and a permit will be sent to you via mail.

Wilshire Center

Students can stop by the Admissions & Records (A&R) counter in the Wilshire 300 building for a free parking permit with verified class registration status. There will be a parking grace period in Student Lot 10 from Friday, January 13, 2023, through Friday, January 27, 2023.

Parking Regulations at the Anaheim Campus

  • Parking Permits and Regulations
    • Parking permits are required to park at the Anaheim Campus. For information regarding fees and how to purchase a parking permit at one of the NOCE Centers, visit the Admissions and Registration Parking page.
    • An Anaheim Campus Parking Permit will be honored at Cypress College and Wilshire/Fullerton campuses.
    • Parking is permitted only during Anaheim Campus operational hours. Any vehicles on campus during non-operational hours and holidays, and without proper authorization, will be cited and may be towed. In an emergency, please notify Campus Safety to avoid a parking citation.
    • It is the driver’s responsibility to know and follow all rules and regulations regarding parking on NOCCCD campuses. For more information regarding parking at the Anaheim Campus, read the Parking Information Sheet.
  • Anaheim Campus Parking Lot Maps

    For easy reference, use these maps of the Anaheim Campus parking lot:

  • Frequent Parking Citations to Avoid

    Students: don’t get a parking ticket! Make sure to follow these regulations and you can avoid a citation:

    • Make sure to display your parking permit.
    • Don’t park backwards in a parking stall.
    • Don’t park in a designated staff lot or parking stall.
    • Don’t park over the time limit in a designated limited time parking stall (10-min, 30-min, etc.)
    • Don’t park in a “reserved” parking stall.
  • Parking Appeals Process

    If you get a parking ticket and feel it is not justified, you can appeal it by following this process:

    1. All persons receiving a citation shall, within twenty one (21) days of the date of Notice of Parking Citation.
      1. Pay the parking penalty, or
      2. Contest the citation in writing by filing an appeal.
    2. To file an appeal, complete the Parking Violation Appeal Form, sign your statement, and attach the original citation. Turn this into the Anaheim Campus Safety Office on the 2nd Floor.
    3. The results of the appeal will be mailed to you usually within 10-20 working days to the address you provided on the Parking Violation Appeal Form.
    4. Forgetfulness, parking for only a short period, failure to display a parking permit, and/or not seeing the posted signs are not acceptable grounds for appeal.
    5. For questions regarding parking citation and the appeals process at the Anaheim Campus, contact Campus Safety at 714.808.4911.
  • Car and Bike Theft Prevention

    Car and bike theft can often be easily prevented by following these key safety tips:

    • Report all suspicious persons or vehicles around parking areas to Campus Safety.
    • Always keep your vehicle locked and the windows rolled up tightly.
    • Always lock your bicycle.
    • Use a designated bike rack rather than a light pole, railing, bench, or other unsecured place.
    • Invest in a good bicycle lock, such as “U-Lock.”