North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE) is committed to providing a safe campus environment for its students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Services Provided:

  • Respond to Incidents

    Campus Safety Officers at the Anaheim Campus will respond and address all criminal activity and emergency situations. Students, staff, and visitors are encouraged to report criminal activity, suspicious persons, and suspicious activity immediately to Campus Safety. Campus Safety will respond to your call directly and route it to local police, fire, ambulance, and other services, as needed. Campus Safety will meet the emergency responders and direct them to the proper location.

  • Lost and Found

    Anaheim Campus Safety works with students, faculty, and staff to operate the Lost and Found Service. Please return all found items to Campus Safety for safekeeping. All items received by Campus Safety will be kept for 90 days prior to discarding. Exceptions include perishable items, hazardous materials, credit cards, or other items that require special handling. Articles not claimed within 90 days will be donated. 

  • Safety Escorts

    We encourage faculty, staff, and students who are on campus in the evening to walk in groups while on breaks or when leaving campus and throughout the parking lot. Campus Safety provides escort services as an alternative to walking alone. You may contact Campus Safety at 714.808.4911 at any time to make arrangements for a safety escort.

  • Vehicle Assistance

    Anaheim Campus Safety offers free vehicle jump-start service to anyone on campus. Motorists requesting these services must sign an authorization and liability release form. To request assistance, contact the Anaheim Campus Safety Office at 714.808.4911.  

  • Code Blue Telephone Posts

    The Anaheim Campus has seven Code Blue (Blue Light) Telephone Posts throughout the parking lots. Individuals may press the red button to call for help. The call goes directly to the cell phone of the Anaheim Campus Safety Officer on duty. The camera on top of the Code Blue Phone Post will zoom in to capture activity in that area. These Code Blue Posts are intended to provide members of our campus community with an efficient method of contacting Campus Safety in an emergency. Code Blue Phone Posts are in the following areas of the Anaheim Campus parking lots:

    1. 2nd Level Staff Parking – south end
    2. West Parking Lot – south end
    3. West Parking Lot – east end
    4. South side parking – west end
    5. South side parking – east end next to the loading dock
    6. East side parking Lot
    7. 30 min parking main driveway – next to permit machine

    Download a map: Code Blue Phone Posts Map | PDF

Campus Safety Services at NOCE Cypress and Wilshire

Campus Safety Services at NOCE Cypress CenterCampus Safety Services at NOCE Wilshire Center
NOCE Cypress Center is served by the Cypress College Campus Safety Department.The Fullerton College Campus Safety Department serves NOCE Wilshire Center.
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