An event image of disability support services students with their instructor and a city of cypress police officer.

Classes to Gain Skills and Independence

Disability Support Services (DSS) classes are noncredit college classes designed for students with mild ID (intellectual disabilities). Students learn to become more independent and increase personal responsibility skills in school, work, and the community. Classes are designed for a 1:24 teacher/student ratio to give students room to grow.

Getting Started is Easy!

  1. Counseling – Students meet with a DSS counselor to select 1-3 classes that meet their school, work, and/or personal goals.  
  2. Choose a Track – All DSS Program classes require core classes on social skills and self-help. Students can also take courses based on their own goals.  
  3. Keep in mind:  
    • Students are not supervised during breaks or lunches. 
    • Students are strongly encouraged to only be on campus when necessary.  
    • Classes will be scheduled similarly to credit-based college classes. For example: Monday/Wednesday 9 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.  
    • DSS Program classes funded by the North Orange County Community College District. DSS Annual Review Policy and Timeline 

Available Tracks for DSS Students

Academic Skills Track 

Become a better reader and build skills to succeed in school.  

Interpersonal Skills Track 

Discover strategies for navigating personal boundaries and build social, professional, and relationship skills.    

Computer Skills Track 

Get training in current technology. Get tips for basic and intermediate computer usage and basic Microsoft Office and Photoshop skills.   

Employment Skills Track 

Learn job skills, workplace communication, and skills training. Find out how to find, locate, and use community resources.  

Life Skills Track 

Build self-sufficiency. Take courses in basic cooking, independent living, personal finance, and community resources.