2023 Commencement and Student Success Event Information

Commencement & Student Success Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  • Q: Where should guests park? How much will it cost?

    A: Campus Safety Officers and Traffic Control will guide all guests, students, and staff members to park throughout the Anaheim Campus for both the Commencement and Student Success Events. Parking is free for the day.

  • Q. Where will disabled parking be to the event seating?

    A: We will have designated disabled placard parking in the Anaheim Campus West Lot. Campus Safety Officers and Traffic Control will guide you to park in the designated disabled parking. The disabled parking will be right next to the student check-in and family seating area.

  • Q. Will there be a drop-off area?

    A: There will be an area where cars can drop off students. Please see the map for more details.

NOCE Anaheim Campus Parking and Access Map.

Location/Student Check-In

  • Q. Where is the location of the event?

    A: Both the NOCE Commencement and NOCE Student Success Event will take place in the West Parking Lot at the Anaheim Campus at 1830 W. Romneya Drive. The main entrance will be at the south end of the West Parking Lot.

  • Q. What do students do when they get to the event?

    A: After parking, students should come to the West Parking Lot and go to check-in at the south end. Welcome Ambassadors will greet students and guide them to the check-in tables. Once checked-in, students can take photos at the photo booth and then meet friends and faculty members in their program gathering area until it is time for line-up and procession.

  • Q. Will there be restrooms at the event?

    A: Yes, portable restrooms will be available in the Anaheim Campus West Parking Lot.

  • Q. Will there be food or drinks for sale?

    A: No, there will be no food or drinks for sale.

  • Q. Will there be stroller parking?

    A: Yes, there will be a designated spot for strollers to sit. However, you are welcome to park these at your own risk. NOCE and NOCCCD is not responsible for your stroller or any of the items left in the stroller. 





Dress/Attire/Cap & Gown

  • Q. What should I wear to the Student Success Event?

    A: Students, faculty, and guests should wear business casual dress to the Student Success Event. This is something that you would wear to an awards ceremony, church, or a wedding, etc. No regalia is worn at the Student Success Event.

  • Q. What should I wear to the Commencement Ceremony?

    A: Students, faculty, and dignitaries will war regalia – cap, gown, and tassel – at the 2023 NOCE Commencement Ceremony. Staff supporting the event will wear an NOCE shirt and/or lanyard with dark-colored pants.

    • High School Diploma/GED Preparation students should wear NAVY BLUE gowns.
    • Career Technical Education Program students should wear GRAY gowns. 
  • Q. What if I missed the deadline to order a cap and gown?

    A: We ask that students wear regalia to the Commencement Ceremony. NOCE does have a LIMITED amount of cap and gowns for purchase, $35 cash. To make a purchase and pick-up arrangements, please e-mail at administrativeservices@noce.edu. Late purchase from NOCE is available on a first-come, first-served basis.