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NOCE Child Wellness Courses

Join us for free NOCE Child Wellness courses. Courses are offered in-person in Anaheim, Cypress, or Fullerton and online.  
Child Wellness course overview:

  • Short-term, non-credit courses
  • 4-8 weeks to finish each class
  • Courses start at various dates throughout the semester
  • Daytime and evening course options

Some courses include available Spanish course materials and Spanish interpretation.  See the NOCE class schedule for details. 

Building Trauma-Informed Communities (BTIC)

Adults can help the children in their lives learn to build their resilience, create hope and reverse the negative effects of life’s challenges. NOCE’s Child Wellness courses are trauma-informed, nurture adults who love and care for children, and are building a trauma-informed community (BTIC) that thrives.

  • BTIC: Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)

    PARN 300

    Learn about the effects of childhood adversity, toxic stress, and the impact on health and well-being. Explore methods to help address your personal history so you can provide attuned, nurturing care. Effects of early trauma can be prevented or reversed through healthy relationships. Learn how to promote wellbeing and resilience in children and ourselves.

  • BTIC: Mental Health in Our Homes

    PARN 304

    Get an overview on mental health to have more awareness and understanding. Explore factors that influence mental health at home, protective measures, and skills needed to aid in healthy coping and regulation strategies for family members and youth in the community. Help make vibrant, healthy communities a priority.

  • BTIC: Family Dynamics

    PARN 303

    Discover the characteristics needed for healthy environments and relationships in the home while recognizing the uniqueness of each family dynamic. Learn the importance of caring for yourself while also providing the stability needed to meet the physical and emotional needs of the children in your life.

  • BTIC: Human Trafficking Awareness and Prevention

    PARN 306

    Learn about human trafficking from the perspectives of many working in the anti-trafficking movement. Increase awareness in your home, school, and community. Explore definitions, risk factors, and skills needed to aid in prevention and protection for youth who experience social media and other influences.  This is a difficult issue, but solutions are within reach.

  • BTIC: Understanding LGBTQ+ Youth

    PARN 305

    Improve your understanding of LGBTQ+ people, terminology, and stressors/traumas that potentially impact youth. Gain insights that advance your awareness of the challenges faced by LGBTQ+ youth. Learn to use simple tools to break down barriers and build safety and well-being for everyone.

  • BTIC: Internet Safety and Awareness

    PARN 307

    Gain awareness and understanding of the online world and how it works. The benefits and risks associated with the Internet will be explored along with the tools needed to help children stay safe while they engage in technology use.

  • BTIC: Early Childhood and Infancy

    PARN 301

    This course assists parents and caregivers in learning the importance of connection (attachment and bonding) as the building blocks to infant/early childhood social-emotional and cognitive development. The focus is on exploring ways parents and caregivers can provide responsive and attuned care while increasing lifelong resilience for their children. 

Headshot Chivonne Carter
Life isn’t easy, but we can teach our kids to develop the skills that give them a firm foundation for the future. Chivonne Carter
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and NOCE Parenting Program Adjunct Professor

NOCE’s Parenting courses are for all adults who love and support children of any age.

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