What is Distance Education?

The NOCE Distance Education Program is defined as instruction where students and faculty are separated by distance and interact using a variety of technologies.  Every NOCE distance education course follows the established course curriculum procedure and is approved before registering and enrolling students. 

The curriculum committee will use specific and separated criteria to approve courses with course design that replaces face-to-face interaction with an asynchronous design (instruction and learning activities do not happen at the same time), synchronous (instruction and learning activities happen at the same time).  These are the types of courses supported by the Distance Education program. 

Types of Courses

  • Fully Online Courses (asynchronous)

    An online course at NOCE is offered entirely online.  The Schedule of Classes defines online courses as “Online courses have no in-person classroom instruction or assessments.  All instruction is online, although some online courses have synchronous activities which are indicated in the schedule of classes.”

  • Partially Online (asynchronous and synchronous)

    A partially online course at NOCE offers instruction both online and on-campus.  Required in-person class meetings are included in the Schedule of Classes and follow a predictable pattern (on the same day(s) of the week and at the same time).  The Schedule of Classes defines partially online courses as “Partially online courses are taught in-person and online.  While a class does not meet every week, those meetings that are scheduled will occur on the same day and at the same time of the week.

  • Online with Flexible In-Person Component

    An online class with flexible in-person component at NOCE offers instruction online and is supplemented by required in-person assessments or activities.  The Schedule of Classes defines online with flexible in-person component as “Online with Flexible In-Person Component courses are taught online and supplements by required in-person assessments or activities that are available at approved locations at a specified range of time.”

  • Web-Enhanced Courses (synchronous)

    Web-enhanced courses at NOCE offer in-person courses that provide student access to online class materials, communication, and resources.  Web-enhanced courses may include supplemental activities, home assignments, and learning activities, and facilitate electronic submission of coursework, and various communication opportunities.  Web-enhanced courses may not use internet-based resources or activities to replace required on-campus instruction or in-seat contact hours.  The Schedule of Classes defines web-enhanced courses as “Web-enhanced courses are in-person courses that use the web to deliver materials, not to replace required in-person instruction or in-seat contact hours.  Trained instructors may use Canvas course sites to enhance and enrich learning.”

 Distance Education Mission Statement

The NOCE Distance Education Program is committed to working with the Curriculum Committee, Academic Senate, the Program Review Committee, Instructional Technology Services, administration, and others to promote student learning and success at a distance, and to serve the distance education needs of our diverse student body by providing high-quality student services and support through a variety of delivery methods.

NOCE Distance Education Resources