Student Leader, Lourdes Valiente is posing with two thumbs up in front of the Foodture vending machine. She is wearing a black and colorful flowery dress.

NOCE’s 2024 Summer Semester has begun

Students roaming the halls, settling into their different routines, and focusing on their coursework. With the variety of courses that NOCE offers their students, one thing ties us all together: food. We all need to eat!

Foodture, a colorful hot food vending machine

Having only vending machine options available, Anaheim Campus students have been requesting a hot food option for some time. Finally, a solution has come! The FOODTURE hot food robotic vending machine has made its arrival to Anaheim Campus on the first floor, near the SchoolsFirst ATM. This hot food vending machine offers a variety of options, ranging from meals to desserts (depending on the selection available at the time).

According to their website, FOODTURE aims to provide restaurant-quality food. The food is first prepared in a kitchen, then loaded and stocked into the machine which is fully cooked after the customer makes the purchase. A few of the hot food options available include gluten free cheese pizza, macaroni and cheese, pasta carbonara, pretzel dog with egg bites, and teriyaki bowl with fried rice. These food options are continuously changing to offer a variety of options for the customers.

Student Leader, Lourdes Valiente is posing with hot chicken ranch pizza in front of the Foodture vending machine. She is wearing a black and colorful flowery dress.

According to Student Leader, Lourdes Valiente, on behalf of the student leaders, Valiente discussed the need for hot food vending machines for all the students at the Anaheim Campus with President Purtell and in a short period of time the campus had some. Valiente is so grateful for the opportunity to bring ideas forward as a student leadership team to the President and to see things come to fruition.

Since its installation at the beginning of the 2024 Summer Semester many staff and students at the Anaheim Campus have been seen enjoying the FOODTURE hot food vending machine and the options it has to offer, a few times enough to have items sell out. NOCE will continue to evaluate the use of the hot food vending machine, and if warranted by the demand, additional vending machines will be installed.

NOCE students can also find two FOODTURE vending machines at Cypress College between TE3 and TE2 buildings and one on the north side of the CCCPLEX building. If you are a student at Fullerton College, feel free to visit the cafeteria area.