Rolling Scholarship Information

North Orange Continuing Education seeks to meet the financial needs of students in two different ways.

  1. The yearly scholarship program are awarded in May each year.
  2. The provision of limited scholarships throughout the year are called "rolling scholarships" because they do not have a deadline and students can apply for them from August through December each year.

Beginning in July of each year this page will include a list of rolling scholarships available to students who experience a financial need to continue progress in their courses.

In an effort to sustain NOCE scholarships for many years to come and to assist as many students as possible the NOCE Scholarship committee has to limit the number of awards given each year. The NOCE Scholarship committee is not able to award "rolling scholarships" to students who receive awards during January through May.

Please check back in July for a list of rolling scholarships that will be available from August through December. Each scholarship will include specific scholarship application qualifications and requirement that are listed in Scholarship Opportunities on the sidebar. The application must be downloaded, completed, printed and submitted to one of the three North Orange Continuing Education Admissions and Registration counters at Anaheim, Cypress or Wilshire centers. The specific details, requirements, and application requirements must be met. If the scholarship requires extra documents [education plan and/or letter of recommendation, etc.] applicants are responsible to attach those documents to their application before they submit it. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Important NOCE Scholarship Program Dates

Application Deadline March 16, 2018
*Some scholarships have unique deadlines and must be sent to a different address
Application Review March 16, 2018 through April 23, 2018
Award Selection April 23, 2018
Scholarship Award Letters Out by April 27, 2018
Presentation of Awards - Annual Scholarship Award Luncheon May 25, 2018 - 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. - Anaheim Campus, Room 105

For more information: 714.484.7101