A photo of the 2019 scholarship winners

Scholarship applications are open from March 11, 2024 – April 19, 2024

To apply for an NOCE scholarship, please complete the scholarship application COMPLETELY.

Each scholarship requires a different written essay. Make sure to read each scholarship to note the unique criteria and required information needed.

Scholarship Application Deadline – April 19, 2024

Important notes and steps to apply for NOCE Scholarships:

  • Complete the online scholarship application that you qualify for.
  • Prepare your customized essay(s) and SAVE them in a Word document or other electronic format.
  • You must have a separate and unique essay for each scholarship you apply for.
    • If a student submits the same essay for other scholarships, they will be disqualified.
  • Send any additional needed documents for each scholarship by e-mail to scholarships@noce.edu.
    • The email MUST contain the student’s first and last name, and the scholarship they are applying for.
    • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • Meet the deadline.

Incomplete scholarship applications and not meeting scholarship requirements will be disqualified.

After the deadline, any emails/documents will be denied, the online application will be closed.

How to Apply to the NOCE Scholarship Application

  • Review the NOCE Scholarships

    Review the webpage, Type of Scholarships. Decide which scholarship(s) you are qualified for and are interested in applying.

    Get organized by making a list of:

    • Scholarship(s) for which you plan to apply.
    • Documents to gather and include as part of each scholarship application.

    Required documents may include:

    • A letter of recommendation
    • Proof of enrollment
    • NOCE education plan or course schedule

    Contact your instructor(s), NOCE staff member(s), or employer(s) to request letter(s) of recommendation.

  • Write One Essay for Each Scholarship

    Create an essay document and write one essay for each scholarship for which you will apply.

    *Each scholarship essay is required to be unique. Using the same essay to apply for multiple scholarships will disqualify your scholarship application.

    Scholarship essays must be written in response to specific questions for each scholarship.

    • Essay prompts are questions you must answer in scholarship essay.
    • Review the essay prompts included in the drop-down description found under each scholarship listed on the Type of Scholarships webpage
    • Type each essay in a digital format (Microsoft Word, etc.) so that it can be copied and pasted into the essay section of the online application.

    If you need help with writing your scholarship essay(s) please visit the NOCE Learning Centers

  • Complete the Online Application

    Complete the online NOCE Scholarship Application in its entirety.

  • Check and Respond to Emails from NOCE Scholarships

    We advise students to read and respond to any e-mail you receive from scholarships@noce.edu.

  • Wait

    We know you’re excited and it’s difficult to wait, but the last step is to do just that. Wait to hear if you get a scholarship award! The scholarship application committee will review all complete applications once the deadline has passed.

    All scholarship applicants selected to receive a scholarship award will be notified by email.