Application Guidelines

The NOCE application process is student friendly.

Students need to take the following steps to apply for a scholarship:

  1. Download the application (notice the new application includes an instructor section & signature)
  2. Complete the application on your computer and then save and print for submission
  3. Complete the essay on the computer - save and print it
    Important Note - Each scholarship application must have a different essay. If you apply for more than one scholarship you must write a new essay to answer the specific essay prompts for that essay. Duplicate essays will disqualify a scholarship application.
  4. Collect the required documents.
    • The education plan needs to show classes you have taken, are currently enrolled in – you can ask a leader at one of the NOCE Admissions and Records counters to print this for you. Please add a list of courses you hope to take in the future – the Scholarship Committee will appreciate this.
    • A letter of recommendation from one of your instructors
  5. Clip all your documents together with the application on top and turn it in at one of the three Admissions and Records counters by the Scholarship Application Deadline: March 15, 2019
    Important Note - Incomplete scholarship packets will not be reviewed

Pay close attention to the details.

  • NOCE Scholarships are available to all NOCE students.
  • Students should apply for scholarships that fit their personal goals and match their qualifications. Qualifications should be met and all required paperwork must be completed and turned in by the deadlines.
  • Some scholarships require mailing the application to an address which is provided.
  • Scholarship applications which are not complete will be disqualified.

It is the student's responsibility:

  • to meet the requirements
  • to provide the required documents to the right place
  • to meet the deadlines

Additional information can be found in the Scholarship Application Guidelines PowerPoint. It provides tips and guidelines for students, encouraging them to apply for scholarships that fit their goals and qualifications. The PowerPoint offers basic application and essay tips and guides students through the process:

Scholarship Application Guidelines

Important NOCE Scholarship Program Dates

Application Deadline March 15, 2019
Scholarship Award Event To be determined.

Application Tips

Use black ink
Computerize or Write neatly
Write in short, complete sentences
Respond to desired qualifications
Let an instructor read the application
Evaluate flow and logical sequence of thought

Set and use margins
Promote your best qualities
Organize paragraphs
Answer every prompt and/or question fully
Check for clear, concise words
Rewrite and edit where needed before submitting

Submit your application and all required paperwork as the directions require.
NOCE scholarship applications may be submitted to any of the three Admission & Registration counters by March 15, 2019, 5 p.m.

Be sure you include every required document.
Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
Clip all documents together with the application on top.

Application Check List

For every scholarship be sure you include:

  • A completed application.
    One (1) application per scholarship
  • The essay or writing prompt
  • Letters of recommendation or required documents
    Required Documents may include a letter of recommendation, proof of enrollment, and/or Ed Plan or Fall course schedule, etc. must be included with the application.
  • Incomplete scholarship packets will not be reviewed!

Submit scholarship application (one for every scholarship essay you submit) and scholarship essay and required documents by the application deadline.

Scholarships will not be considered if:

  • the application form is not complete
  • if the required documents are not included
  • if the essay is not included
  • if the deadline is not met

Check to be sure:

  • Every essay is typed or neatly written in black ink.
  • You answered every question or responded to every writing prompt the scholarship requested.
  • You checked spelling and read your essay.
  • You submitted your scholarship applications online or to a NOCE Admission and Registration Counter.
  • Be sure the application ‘Received Box’ in the upper right hand corner was signed and time stamped.
  • You submitted your application by the application deadline.
    If the Requirements of the scholarship include documents, be sure the exact documents are included with your application. Incomplete documents will not be reviewed.

Important NOCE Scholarship Program Dates

Application Deadline March 15, 2019
*Some scholarships have unique deadlines and must be sent to a different address
Presentation of Awards - Event To be determined.

For more information: 714.808.4621