The NOCE Scholarship Program Supports All Students

It celebrates the work and effort students give to reach individual academic goals

It is designed to meet specific student needs and honor student achievement and leadership.

It supports the effort and accomplishment students give as they prepare for future academic endeavors, advance in basic skills, increase workforce skills, and develop individual competencies that will enrich community leadership.

The NOCE Scholarship Program Honors Excellence

NOCE scholarships include opportunities for students to apply for funding for textbooks, various student fees, and transfer fees to credit-based community college programs.

Selected scholarships honor student leadership in the community, environmental conservation, and employment.

Each scholarship requires unique qualifications and student qualities.

Students are encouraged to read through all opportunities carefully and only apply for the scholarship that reflects their individual need, personal qualifications and/or accomplishments.

Students are responsible to follow the directions, meet the specific requirements, and submit a complete application with all required paperwork to qualify.

The scholarship board will not review incomplete applications.

All scholarships should be completed in black ink or computerized.

All scholarships required the signature of an NOCE instructor and the acknowledgement of 70% attendance in NOCE courses.

All scholarship packets must include a separate application and a different essay that reflects the specific prompts designed for the scholarship selection.

The NOCE Scholarship Program Celebrates Students

The NOCE scholarship program believes in all students and is committed to their success.

The NOCE scholarship program is a unified effort by instructors, leaders at the admissions and registration counters, counselors and administration to encourage student application and provide assistance throughout the application, review and remittance process.

The NOCE scholarship program hosts an annual spring celebration award event where students are presented awards. The award event includes opportunity for donors and award winners to converse.

For information: 714.808.4621

Important NOCE Scholarship Program Dates

Application Deadline March 15, 2019
*Some scholarships have unique deadlines and must be sent to a different address
Presentation of Awards - EventTo be determined.

For more information: 714.808.4621