North Orange Continuing Education (NOCE) provides free parenting courses to any adult who cares for, parents or serves children.

You will be surprised at the variety of classes that we are able to offer at multiple locations throughout the area of northern Orange County. All of our classes are easily accessible with different in-person or online options, and many have Spanish interpretation available. Many of our classes include topics relating to children who have experienced ACES (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and children with special needs (including autism).

We offer classes in the following three categories:

A mother and son in a parenting class

Parents can enjoy time bonding with their child(ren) with our classes. Courses such as Joyful Parenting and Developmental Movement encourage activities together that celebrate music, movement, and creativity.

Two smiling young women sitting together in class

NOCE’s Love & Logic® courses provide practical solutions to help make parenting more manageable and enjoyable. Learn everyday tools and techniques to handle the ups and downs of parenting with greater ease and confidence

Practical Parenting⟶
a group of smiling elementary school kids huddled together.

Build resilience in children’s lives with NOCE’s Child Wellness courses. Nurture and care for children with practical tools and techniques. Join a trauma-informed community that thrives and make a positive impact today.

Child Wellness⟶

No-Cost and Convenient Parenting Courses

NOCE Parenting Courses are free and are for any adult who loves or cares for children, including caregivers and any adult family member. Parenting Courses are conveniently available at all three NOCE centers, community locations, and online. 

View the current NOCE Course Schedule to browse currently available Parenting Program courses. Start dates vary and offer open enrollment so you can join a class already in session

headshot of Erin Sherard
Thriving children are built through thousands of little moments of connection. Erin Sherard
NOCE Professor, Parenting Program

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Headshot of Eric Johnson
I admit that I only enrolled in the NOCE Parenting with Love and Logic® classes because my son’s teacher offered extra credit for students who got their parents to attend. However, I genuinely digested the parenting tools taught in class; it was life-changing. I use the skills I have acquired and I am more confident in my abilities as a parent. Eric Johnson
Parenting Program Student – Parenting with Love and Logic®

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