Disability Support Services provides a number of programs: ARISE Lab, Work Independence Self Advocacy Education (WISE), Workability III (WAIII), College 2 Career (C2C), Independent Vocational and Educational Supports (IVES), and the Mobility Training Program.

ARISE Lab Logo

The ARISE lab has been established to provide additional support to students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and students with similar needs so that they can transition, persist, and complete their postsecondary educational goals. Examples of instruction and services provided in the ARISE lab include:

  • A dedicated safe space for students to go when they feel overstimulated or overwhelmed
  • Specialized lighting, equipment, furniture and materials that make the lab a safe, calm, comfortable place to be
  • A lab that is staffed by a DSS Counselor who provides counseling and instruction
  • An instructional assistant with expertise in serving students with ASD
  • 1:1 and small group counseling
  • 1:1 and small group instruction
  • The lab focuses on providing counseling and instruction that helps students with executive functioning skills, decision making, problem solving, social skills, developing organizational skills, understanding social cues, communication with other students and faculty, understanding what their own physiology is telling them (e.g. overwhelmed, frustrated, etc.), requesting services and accommodations, and much more
  • Professional development, training, and technical assistance to other faculty and staff on campus so that they can better support students
Who is Eligible?

For more information, please contact Casey Sousa at 714-808-4932 or csousa@noce.edu.

The Work Independence Self Advocacy Education (WISE) program is a collaboration between Regional Center and NOCE. The same subjects are taught as in other DSS classes; however, instead of individual classes, the subjects are weaved together in a weekly curriculum. The WISE program has the same philosophy of promoting independence with students as the DSS Classes. However, students in the WISE program have intellectual disabilities with skills that dip more toward the moderate range. These students need closer instructional support (1:4 ratio). The WISE program prepares adults with moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities to successfully interact in the community. It is a 5 year program that teaches lessons in the classroom first, and then reinforces them in various community settings. WISE is designed to equip students with skills to live and work as independently as possible. Students use college campuses daily for integration while utilizing the cafeteria, bookstore, learning resource center, track, gym, and tennis courts. Students also participate in many campus activities such as plays, concerts, job fairs, festivals, and art exhibits. Each student is matched with a volunteer job on or off campus. The program provides supervision, and students stay together Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Once the 5 years are completed, the students will transition out of WISE.

Course topics include: Consumer Skills, Practical Living, Health and Safety, U.S. Civics, Employment Skills

Who is Eligible?

Workability III (WAIII) is a program dedicated to assisting work-ready and pre-screened college students with preparing for, developing, and retaining meaningful and on-going employment. WAIII is a collaboration between NOCE and the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR). Students from NOCE, Cypress College, and Fullerton College are referred to this program by counselors, instructors, and other staff members. Students meet with a vocational specialist and employment experts to determine skills sets, vocational aptitudes, and work readiness.


  • Resume
  • Interview Skills
  • Applications
  • Self-Advocacy
  • Impact on Benefits
  • Work Place Ethics
  • Barriers to Employment
  • Identifying Job

Job Development

  • Openings
  • The Hidden Job Market
  • Networking
  • Transportation
  • Geo Surveys
  • Interviews
  • Contacting Employers


  • 90 Days Offsite Support
  • Orientation
  • Career Advancement
  • Accommodations
  • Disclosure
  • Natural Supports
  • Supervisor Consultation
Who is Eligible?

For more information please contact Lorri Guy: lguy@noce.edu

College to Career (C2C) is an educational program designed to promote inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities into the college community while pursuing individualized employment goals. NOCCCD is currently one of five educational institutions in California receiving funding from the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) for the College to Career program. The C2C program is designed to improve employment outcomes for the individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through inclusion in a post-secondary education, persons with intellectual disabilities can expand the range of jobs available to them. NOCCCD works in partnership with the Regional Center of Orange County, DOR, faculty, and employers to provide pre-vocational and vocational services to students with intellectual disabilities. C2C enrollment ranges from one to three years and includes educational and vocational support related to student employment goals, job placement, and job support as needed.

2020 C2C Application

To view and fill out the digital 2020 C2C Application, download the form here.

C2C Information Night Presentation

To view the C2C Information Night PowerPoint Presentation, download the PDF here.

Who is Eligible?

Educational and Vocational Support

Educational and Vocational support offered through C2C can include assistance with coursework, access to adaptive technology, support in study skills, note taking strategies, organizational techniques, employment readiness preparation, and job placement assistance.

C2C Program Enrollment

Twenty new students are accepted into the C2C program through an application and interview process each year. Applications are available through North Orange Continuing Education Disability Support Services (DSS) office between January and April of each year.

For more information: C2C@noce.edu

The Independent Vocational and Educational Supports (IVES) program is intended to give students the support they need to successfully complete post secondary educational programs, to increase their opportunities to become employed in competitive employment of their choice and to gain and sustain employment. IVES can provide educational support in the area of: executive functioning skills, self-understanding of sensory issues, problem solving, organizing, verbal and non-verbal communicating, basic skills through tutoring, social mentoring, building skills needed to live and work independently. IVES can provide vocational support in the areas of: employability skills, employment searching skills, interviewing skills, job acquisition and job coaching on the job.

NOCE's IVES is an individual program. Students will work with various staff members at a one to one ratio. Students will successfully participate in IVES no more than seven hours per week each year.

Who is Eligible?

Mobility Skills Training offers round trip bus training between home, work, and/or school. The program receives funding from the Job Access Reverse Commute (JARC) grant through the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA). This special funding allows NOCE mobility Staff to teach students in one-to-one small group classes.

One-On-One Mobility Training
Mobility Bootcamp

Take a look at our Mobility Training Handbook

For more information contact NOCE's DSS office at 714.484.7057 or via email at mobility@noce.edu

Potential students, families, and educators can also call the main line to schedule a tour of our program.

Disability Support Services Main Office/Appointment Line: 714.484.7057