Lauren Burns

Medical Assistant Certificate Program Graduate

Lauren Burns is proud to be a working mother who maintained nearly perfect attendance in all of her Medical Assistant Certificate Program classes. She was always on time and gave her full attention during instruction. Her diligence paid off, earning a perfect grade of 100% in her medical terminology class. As she picked up on new material and concepts throughout her studies, Lauren took it upon herself to ensure her peers were learning and understanding the procedures too. Her instructor Jennifer Oo expressed, “Lauren’s classmates sought out her guidance and looked up to her as a role model.” Because of her success as a student in NOCE’s Medical Assistant Certificate Program, Lauren obtained a job as a healthcare coordinator for a hospice company. Lauren looks forward to continuing her education to become a nurse.

Ana Yely Cortez

Career Technical Education Program - Medical Assistant Certificate

Ana Yely Cortez became a mother at the age of 16. She married the father of her daughter and divorced him three years later due to domestic abuse. An independent women, Cortez decided to return to school and achieve her high school diploma. From there, Cortez enrolled in NOCE's Medical Assistant Certificate Program. Although juggling work, school, and caring for her daughter was difficult, Cortez managed to complete the Medical Assistant Certificate Program in less than one year. After completing the program, Cortez was determined to gain hands on experience volunteering at a clinic. After visiting many clinics and filling out several applications, she finally secured a volunteer position at a pediatrics clinic. Cortez's persistence paid off when she was offered a position as a medical assistant at the clinic three months later. Cortez's goal is to attend Cypress College and become a registered nurse. Cortez knows that the classes she took at NOCE gave her the skills she needed to obtain a job as well as the desire to continue her education for her now six -year old daughter.

Career Technical Education (CTE) Program Office

Anaheim Campus, 5th Floor
Phone: 714.808.4915