NOCE Budget Requests & Procedures

NOCE Budget Committee – North Orange Continuing Education’s (NOCE) planning and budget process includes broad participation by representatives of all segments of NOCE. NOCE’s Budget Committee meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month at 3:30 p.m. at the Anaheim Campus. Meetings are open to all staff, faculty, and guests who wish to participate.

The NOCE mission and decision-making criteria related to institutional strategic directions are reviewed annually and approved by the President’s Cabinet. These two items will be the basis for discussion and decisions at the NOCE Budget Committee meetings with funds being allocated to support the priorities of the institution.

Following are frequently used/requested processes and request forms:

District Budgeting Process

Budget Allocation Handbook – North Orange County Community College District developed the Budget Allocation Handbook to provide a detailed description of the process used by the District to allocate resources. The Handbook contains a general description of the NOCCCD Council on Budget and Facilities, the timeline and process for budget development, and guiding board policies and administrative procedures.

District Budgeting Timeline

The annual timeline for budget allocation at NOCCCD begins in January with the review of the Governor’s January Budget and alignment with the District’s Strategic Directions. The Administrative Services Offices at each school develops the tentative budget for the next fiscal year. From February-May, the Council on Budget and Facilities reviews and revises the budget assumptions. In June the tentative budget is presented to the NOCCCD Board of Trustees and then in July and August, the District makes adjustments after the state budget is approved. In September the final budget is presented to the board.