A collage of CTE photos of students

Completer and skills-building students at NOCE were surveyed through the California Community Colleges Career Technical Education (CTE) Employment Outcomes Survey in 2022.

Students must have met one of the following criteria in 2019-2020 and did not enroll (or were minimally enrolled) in 2020-2021: earned a certificate of six or more units, earned a vocational degree, or earned nine plus CTE units (noncredit cohorts earned a noncredit vocational/CTE award or completed at least 48 CTE hours in that year). The survey was administered in 2022 by e-mail, text message (SMS), and telephone and addressed student perceptions of their CTE program, employment outcomes, and how their coursework and training relate to their current career. A total of 788 students were surveyed and 169 (21%) students responded.

  • $3.50 is the overall change in hourly wages after completing training—in dollars
  • 21% is the overall change in hourly wages after completing training—in percentage gain
  • 73% of respondents reported being employed for pay
  • 6% of respondents reported transferring to another college or university
  • 93% of respondents reported being very satisfied or satisfied with their training.

The results of the survey showed that completing CTE studies and training – whether a credential is earned, whether or not a student transfers – is related to positive employment outcomes. The preponderance of respondents are employed and are working in the same field as their studies or training. Notably, students realize a greater wage gain after completing their studies if they secure a job that is like their program of study.

A collage of various NOCE students, young and old.