Tien Pham

Tien Pham began her journey at NOCE in the English as a Second Language Program. Upon completing the ESL Program, it was suggested by an ESL staff member that Tien approach the Lifeskills Education Advancement Program about the possibility of teaching two of her creative talents to others through the community education program. Tien made an appointment with the LEAP director to showcase her skills of 3D origami and nylon flower creation. After a tremendous demonstration, Tien was hired to teach her courses. The LEAP director shared that “Tien is an excellent example of the heart and soul of NOCE. Her talent is exquisite and unique.” Tien enjoys being involved at NOCE and recently demonstrated how to create nylon flowers during an NOCE career exploration workshop for fifth-grade students at Patrick Henry Elementary. A large group of these students shared that learning Tien’s artwork was one of their favorite activities of the day. Tien offers classes to both adults and students in the Kids’ College & Teen Program.