English as a Second Language Program

English as a Second Language

Learn English and overcome the barrier that is keeping you from earning more money, getting a better job, or transitioning to college. We offer free English as a second language (ESL) classes to adults (18+) during day and evening hours at three NOCE Centers in Anaheim, Cypress, and Fullerton as well as more than 50 community locations at churches, elementary schools, and community centers.

5 Advantages to Learning English

  • Employment and Higher Wages – Bilingual workers are in high demand in today’s job market. Learn English to increase your employability and provide a higher standard of living for your family.
  • Further Your Education – You can learn English and continue your education and career path at NOCE. Earning your high school diploma, career certificate, or college degree does not have to be an unattainable dream! Our counselors can help you create a Student Educational Plan to meet your goals at NOCE and beyond.
  • ESL and Computers – Our ESL Program allows you to learn English through the use of technology. We can help you type your resume and research jobs online!
  • Sense of Belonging – Learning English will allow you to expand your social network. You will be able to engage in conversations with your children, children’s teachers, doctors, co-workers, and friends in the community.
  • Self-Pride – Learning English is an honorable choice! It takes desire and hard work; but once accomplished, your education and gained skills will create a pathway to your future.

Classes and Programs

Six Levels for Success

Our ESL Program offers six levels of English instruction. Upon registration, your English language skills will be assessed. You will be placed in the appropriate level based on your assessment results. Students who finish the final level of English instruction are awarded a certificate of completion at NOCE’s annual Student Success Event.

Specialty Classes

We take learning English to the next level with specialty classes! Sharpen your skills with grammar review, writing and reading, conversation and public speaking practice, computers, and vocational classes. Broaden your experience even more with ESL and the Arts courses.

Academic Success Program

Our Academic Success Program bridges ESL classes with college, high school/GED, and career technical education programs. This program will prepare you to function successfully in a variety of academic settings. In addition to high-level ESL courses, this program also provides student services such as college tours and assistance with college applications as well as career workshops.

Citizenship Preparation Program

Our Citizenship Preparation Program gets prospective candidates ready for the United States citizenship process. You will learn how to complete all required immigration forms and practice for the citizenship test by becoming familiar with US history and understanding the rights and responsibilities of being a US citizen.

Off-site Locations

With more than 50 off-site locations at churches, elementary schools, and community centers, we bring English instruction to you. We are free and easily accessible. Click here to find the location nearest you.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Program Office

Anaheim Campus, 10th Floor
Phone: (714) 808-4638
Email: esl4all@noce.edu