Stay Updated | Schedule of NOCE Weekly Meetings

March 23, 2020 5:31 AM

As NOCE begins to respond to the COVID-19 crisis, we want to inform our school and District about the status of meetings and events. The District has implemented a Cancellation of Meetings/Events Log. Forward your completed form to We will be doing a weekly update of meetings as well as sharing this with the Chancellor's Office.

Therefore, if you have a meeting/event(s) that has been cancelled, postponed, or will move online, we ask you to fill out the NOCCCD event log here. Samples of meetings/events that should be considered for the form are below:

  • Regularly scheduled meetings or large meetings (i.e. President's Cabinet, Dean's meeting, Department meeting with staff/faculty, etc.)
  • Meetings or events involving large numbers of students (i.e. job fair)
  • Meetings or events with cost implications (i.e. a speaker was paid or food was ordered for the event)
  • Meetings or events that involved cross coordination with partners (i.e. vendors were to participate in the event)

Additionally, NOCE will be posting a schedule of our weekly meetings on our website. You can find these schedules on the NOCE website in the NOCE Committees and Workgroups page under the about section of the website, or view them below: