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August 30, 2016 8:00 AM

Effective September 2016, physical parking permits will no longer be issued to students or guests at the SCE Cypress Center. Virtual parking permits, enforced by license plate recognition, will be required Monday through Friday for parking at the Cypress College campus.

You may register your vehicle online and purchase a virtual parking permit for the entire SCE term or for one day. To purchase a virtual parking permit online with a debit or credit card ONLY, you will need the following information readily available:

  • License Plate Number (Tip: take a photo of your license plate to avoid errors when entering your license plate number online)
  • Last 8 Digits of VIN Number (if no license plate number)
  • Vehicle Year, Make, Model, and Color
  • Email Address

If you DO NOT have a debit or credit card, you may register your vehicle in person at the SCE Cypress Center Office to purchase your virtual parking permit with an alternative payment option.

Parking Fees

  • Vehicle Term Permit* - $35
  • Motorcycle Term Permit* - $20
  • Day Permit - $2
*Term-long virtual parking permits will also be valid at the Anaheim Campus and Fullerton College.


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